Rock 541 Petrochemical

Petroleum / Chemical Motors

Each year brings a new and stronger challenge to the petroleum and chemical industries to be more competitive. TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company recognizes motors are a significant part of the competitive solution. The petroleum and chemical industries require efficient, reliable, and life cycle cost effective motors and generators.

The TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company Rock 541™ Motor meets these challenges.

The Rock 541™ is a motor custom designed for your specific application requirements. It combines features developed during 100+ years of experience with the latest design technology. The Rock 541™ Motor can meet or exceed the most demanding specifications. The Rock 541™ Motor can meet the lowest vibration requirements, and is available in all API 541 configurations. It provides you with state of the art technology and performance and, just as importantly, keeps you within budget.

TECO-Westinghouse utilizes the latest design and management tools to produce the Rock 541™ Motor to the highest quality standards. Systems that support concurrent engineering, 3D solids modeling, and finite element analysis are employed. These engineering tools are coupled to one of the most advanced product data management programs to insure product integrity.

Whatever your requirements, the TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company stands ready to assist you in developing a solution.


Included for all Rock 541™ general purpose motors
Motors are designed for continuous operation or long periods of inactivity in petroleum / chemical plant environments.
Motor winding brace system designed to substantially exceed 5,000 full voltage starts.
Three cold/ two hot starting duty.
Two pole motors utilize one-piece, heat treated forged steel.
Connection of rotor bars to end rings through approximately 10,000HP is via induction brazing.
Screens will be stainless steel.
Fan systems will be non-sparking.
Minimum stator core plate material will be C5.
Available for all Rock 541™ Motors
Lower than conventional noise levels.
Motors are available for hazardous locations.
Shaft Forgings are ultrasonically inspected.
Damped unbalance response analysis.
Three plane balancing of the rotor.
Testing with contract coupling and idling adapter or mass moment simulator.
Some above and beyond API 541 requirement
A single VPI treatment of the stator will meet the requirements of this paragraph. The Rock 541™ will receive a minimum of two complete VPI treatments followed by a durable coat of epoxy varnish.
As an alternate to copper/copper alloy, cast and fabricated aluminum rotor cages are allowed by this API paragraph. The Rock 541™ cage material will be premium copper/copper alloy only.
Jointed rotor end rings are allowed at some speeds by this paragraph although it is noted that rings without circumferential joints are preferred. The end rings of Rock 541™ Motors do not contain circumferential joints at any speed.
Conventional straight fit (liner to bearing housing) sleeve bearing liners are allowed by this paragraph. Sleeve bearing systems provided in all Rock 541™ Motors will be of the superior spherical seated self-aligning type.
Various options are discussed for shaft/bearing seals in this API paragraph. All Rock 541™ sleeve bearing motors utilize nonmetallic, floating, self-aligning seals that exceed the requirements of this paragraph.
Thermalastic® Epoxy Insulation System

For Unequalled Dielectric Strength and Voltage Endurance

Thermalastic® is a proprietary, integrated insulation system that impregnates the wound and connected stator with a solventless epoxy resin. Developed by Westinghouse over 40 years ago, Thermalastic® is acknowledged as the industry’s premier insulation system and is under continuous development to maintain its position as the world’s finest.

Mica is the heart of the Thermalastic® insulation system and is applied to all of the stator coils. The form-wound stator is postimpregnated with epoxy resin in a vacuum pressure tank and then transferred to an oven for polymerization. The cycle is repeated to ensure elimination of corona generating voids. The result is a stator insulation system that withstands prolonged voltage stresses moisture, dirt, thermal cycling and chemical contaminants.

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Advanced Bearing System for Reliable Performance

The bearing system used in World Series™ Motors has been designed and engineered for continuous, reliable performance and easy maintenance. Both anti-friction and split-sleeve bearings are offered. When required, bearing insulation can be added to either bearing type.

Our split-sleeve bearings are spherically seated and self aligning, thus easy to service in all field conditions. They also feature a high-tin content babbitt material and a heavy-duty, two-piece bronze oil ring. The oil ring lubrication process is easily modified for flood lubrication.

This bearing unit employs a sophisticated sealing system that is designed to prevent oil leakage along the shaft. An optional buffered seal can be provided when pressurization is required to keep hostile environments from entering the bearing.

The bearings can be inspected visually through an oil ring sight gauge and an oil level sight gauge on the housing. Bearing caps can be removed easily for bearing inspection without uncoupling the motor from the driven machine. No special tools are required for the inspection procedure.

Other types of bearings are available including:

  • Deep Groove
  • Angular Contact
  • Spherical Roller
  • Hydrodynamic

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Rugged Box Frame Construction for Strength and Reliability

World Series™ Motors use box frame construction to provide frames that have the mechanical strength and stability to assure years of dependable, economical performance.

The fabricated steel frames are braced by heavy steel plate bulkheads and end plates to make the frames both laterally and torsionally stable. End brackets are reinforced to give the bearings rigid support and to minimize vibration. Located in line with the end of the frame, the bearing housing provides maximum bearing stiffness. Overall frame strength also minimizes vibration and virtually eliminates the need for realignment.

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Heavy-Duty Rotor Construction for Dependable Service

TECO-Westinghouse induction motor rotors are recognized as the most reliable in the industry, and their high performance standards are a hallmark of the World Series™ Motors.

The rotors advanced design features and rugged construction begin with single-piece laminations that help prevent motor shifting and vibration.

Rotor cores are held together by heavy-duty through-bolts and end plates. Core mechanical integrity does not rely on any electrically active component. Rotor bars and end rings are copper or copper alloy. Copper is the time-proven choice for rotor construction because it provides maximum performance and reliability.

Swaged rotor bars ensure long motor life by minimizing the movement and vibration that can cause bar fatigue and failure. End rings are centrifugally cast for a void-free cross section and purity, and they are joined to the bars by high-frequency induction brazing to reduce stresses and hot spots in the joint, which can cause fatigue and failure.

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