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Stock Motor and Control Product Warranty Policy

Standard Warranty Information for TECO-Westinghouse Stock Motors and Controls Products

All TECO-Westinghouse brand Stock Motors and Low Voltage Control Products, such as Solid State Starters and AC Drives, ("control products") sold by TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company ("TWMC") are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 36 months from the Date of Manufacture.

A warranty of 36 months from the Date of Sale is applicable when a TWMC Low Voltage Control Product and a TWMC Inverter Duty Motor are purchased together.

All MAX-E2/841® motors have a 5-year warranty.

This warranty is conditioned upon the installation, operation, and maintenance of the motors and control products in accordance with TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company's recommendations or standard industry practice, and the motors and control products have at all times been operated or used under normal operating conditions for which they were designed. This warranty will not be applicable to products that have been altered without written permission from TWMC.

TWMC shall, at its sole option and expense, either repair or replace, F.O.B. warehouse or TWMC designated service center, any such motor, motor part, or control product which is defective within the warranty period.

In the event of warranty claims, TWMC must be notified promptly following any motor or control product failure. The motor or control product shall be sent to a TWMC authorized service center for diagnosis on the cause of failure. For motor and control products if the failure is due to defective material and/or workmanship, TWMC will replace or repair the defective motor, motor part, or control product at its discretion.

The repair or replacement of defective material and workmanship shall constitute complete fulfillment of TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company's warranty liability whether the warranty claims are based on contract, tort (including negligence and strict liability), or otherwise. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND ALL WARRANTIES ARISING FROM COURSE OF DEALING AND USAGE OF TRADE. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL TECO-WESTINGHOUSE MOTOR COMPANY BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING FREIGHT.

Stock Motor and Control Products Return Policy
All returned goods are subject to prior approval and must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. These goods must be returned within 90 days, freight prepaid, in resalable condition and in original packaging. A 15% restocking fee will be applied. If upon receipt of the RMA, goods are deemed not to be in resalable condition or in original packaging, then additional fees will be applied. RETURNS ON MODIFIED MOTORS OR CONTROL PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

Procedure for Warranty Claims on Stock Motors

Warranty Claims
In the event of warranty claims, TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company must be notified promptly prior to any repairs or replacement of failed motors and/or motor components. Original purchase information will be requested. The failed motor shall be sent to a TECO-Westinghouse authorized service center for diagnosis on the cause of the failure. EASA Certified Shops can be found at www.easa.com using the "find a member" search feature. If the failure is due to defective material and/or workmanship, TWMC shall, at its sole option, either repair on a straight time bases, issue credit, or replace, F.O.B. Warehouse any such motor or component that is defective within the warranty period. Failure to notify TWMC prior to performing repairs or providing replacements will result in denial of warranty claims. Contact the TWMC Warranty Department through email - tframewarranty@tecowestinghouse.com

Authorized Service
Authorized service centers shall contact TWMC's Warranty Department for serial number verification to determine warranty status of the motor. If the motor is within the original warranty period, the service center shall dismantle and inspect the motor, and prepare a standard EASA Warranty Repair Report. Email the report to Stock Product Warranty Email, tframewarranty@tecowestinghouse.com, for review of the failure and determination if the failure will be covered under terms of the TWMC standard warranty.

Warranty Determination
If the motor failure is determined to be a warranty failure, a Warranty Claim Authorization (WCA) number will be assigned to the claim. The WCA number represents the credit memo number for any motor not repaired, as well as the purchase order number for inspection, and/or repair charges for motors to be replaced or repaired. Charges for inspections and/or repairs to motors outside the warranty period or for failures not resulting from material or workmanship issues are the sole responsibility of the end user.

For Warranty Repairs:
The original EASA Warranty Repair Report, along with pictures documenting the failure, shall be submitted to the TWMC's Warranty Department, along with an invoice for all repair charges. All reports and invoices submitted require an RMA number for processing. Claims submitted without RMA numbers will be denied.

For Warranty Credit:
The original EASA Warranty Repair Report, pictures, invoice and the original nameplate off the motor must be returned to TWMC's Warranty Department prior to issuance of credit. All claims and invoices submitted require a WCA number for processing. Claims submitted without WCA numbers will be denied. An invoice must be received for payment of inspection charges. Invoice only for inspection charges. Credit will be issued to the buyers account for any motor determined not repairable.

Request for Warranty Replacements
In special circumstances, TWMC's Warranty Department can approve replacement orders, if an exact replacement motor/component is in stock. If a warranty replacement motor is needed and approved, a new Purchase Order (P.O.), with reference to the warranty claim number will need to be emailed to orders@tecowestinghouse.com for processing and shipment. All such orders will be shipped F.O.B. warehouse, and the customer will receive an invoice for the replacement. Upon receipt of the nameplate off the original failed motor, credit will be issued for the failed motor. Freight is not covered under warranty.

NOTE: If the cause of the failure is determined to NOT be a result of manufacturer's defect or workmanship, all expenses associated with inspection, repair, and so forth, will be the responsibility of others.